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Project Management Services

As a trusted partner, you can rely on our talented people to complement your resources, deliver your initiatives on time, improve best practices and help develop your staff.

Specialising in project management, Paramis enables organisations to improve their project management processes to incrementally deliver high quality solutions. Reducing risk and maximising return on investment.

Most companies today are under pressure. Budgets are cut, resources reduced, timescales ever more challenging, yet still productivity increases are demanded. Today businesses cannot always provide the focus and time to deliver projects effectively, to find the right expertise at the right stage of a project, and as a result, suffer additional costs on projects through poor conception, planning, procurement and execution.

For Paramis, meeting our clients' objectives is the only way to forge a trusted long-term partnership.



Put all chances on your side. Select the best candidate for your project:

  • Program / Project Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Roll out / Deployment Manager
  • Cutover Coordinator
  • Data Migration Manager
  • Test Coordinator
  • Business Analyst

Strong communicators, focussed, multicultural and flexible



Gain transparency on your project:

  • Determine alignment of scope and objectives
  • Review timeline and delivery schedule
  • Assess risk management process
  • Evaluate communication and reporting channels as well as decision making process
  • Map roles and responsibilities

Independent, to the point and fair



Develop the skill set of your project team with customized classroom or coaching sessions:

  • Scope management
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management, communication and reporting
  • Conflict management and team building
  • Methodology alignment
  • Techniques and Tools
  • eLearning

Coaches have strong hands-on experience, a proven track record and are pragmatic