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Developing the skill set of your project team will lead to higher success rate

Paramis coaching does not only focus on problem resolution, but aims at increasing the capabilities of the individual and the team as a whole for successful deliveries.

A sound methodology is certainly an important ingredient for a project. However, the real key for achieving outstanding team performance and quality deliveries is the level of competences and skills of each individual as well as the maturity of the team.

Successful project management is the mix of tools, methods, teamwork, control and leadership.

Coaching enables you to take control of these critical elements and gain awareness and an understanding of the project management skills and techniques necessary to be able to plan and manage a project successfully.

Coaching in project management skills can be tailored to suit you individual requirements and can be delivered in a flexible and cost effective way, either at our offices or in the workplace.

Coaching sessions include topics, such as:

  • Scope management
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management, communication and reporting
  • Conflict management and team building
  • Methodology alignment
  • Techniques and Tools
  • eLearning

Paramis Coaches have strong hands-on experience, a proven track record and are pragmatic.

Involve Paramis in your mid-term team development plan and build the foundation for a strong project culture.

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